Supports modernization of health management by integrating information technologies in the domestic health system.

Help managers of hospitals and clinics in the private and public sector as well as the statistical service in the measurement and instrumentalization of health management processes.

Allows operational and tactical decisions to be made quickly.

Supports realistic and feasible strategic planning.

Increases the quality of services and satisfaction of patients.

Improves competitiveness, credibility and the prestige of the organization.

Our solution

Main features

HospitalNet uses IT support to provide a summary of the data reported, while systematically reducing the data volume. The application uses modern analytical techniques and management models to generate cumulative graphs that are easy to interpret. The application identifies the outliers and interprets them, taking into account external factors, with applicability in improving the decision-making processes and supporting the standardization of quality.

The dashboard

The dashboard is the main application panel containing instruments and controls. It is structured to access the data step by step and contains information regarding identification of the unit, departments, types of reports and the time frame chosen for data visualization. The importance of the dashboard lies in the facilitation of access to necessary reports, focusing attention on key points and in the possibility for the user to always be connected to the institution’s activity through remote-access.


The forecasts are based on the analysis of data reported in previous years as well as on the tracking of trends and indicators in related domains (social, cultural, economic, financial and demographic). These forecasts relate mainly to income flows and budget, demand (no. of cases, migration of patients to another public/private hospital) and the degree of bed occupancy (no. of beds).


The use of the application facilitates the re-evaluation of the healthcare unit, providing answers to key questions such as: How do I position myself compared to another hospital?; Which is my position at county / regional / national level ?; Where and how do my patients migrate?


HospitalNet generates reports on different types of errors within a hospital unit, specifically regarding codification errors, inconsistency errors and data errors.

Methodology & data


HospitalNet systematically collects important data, evaluates and analyzes it in order to generate in real time statistical, economic and performance indicators, which facilitates shaping an overview of the unit for users (hospital managers, doctors, medical statisticians, manufacturers, pharmacies).


HospitalNet firstly imports databases in MDB, XML, XLX and the XLXS format, that were reported by the hospitals to CNAS (SIUI) and SNSPMS.


These data is than filtered for the protection of confidential information and further processed in order to obtain patterns and indicators that are used to describe the unit, solving emerging problems and forecasting possible scenarios.



• HospitalNet responds to current needs of managers in the health system and enables decision making based on accurate and tangible information.

• Based on applied artificial intelligence, HospitalNet is the optimal technical support for management decisions, hospital reporting, comparisons, strategy building.


The technologies used to develop HospitalNet bring together multiple state-of-the-art frameworks, programming, marking, formatting languages etc., that smooth the functioning of the application, enhance data security and speed up data processing.

Technologies used
Databases: MySQL
The client application: C#, Bootstrap and XML
The server application: Node JS, PHP
The web application: PHP (laravel), HTML5, CSS, JQuery, JavaScript, AJAX


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